Audit Division of Public Works.

Public Works Being a leader in behavior and reflection of the economy in our country, which is a tangible application of funds raised through the various levels of government in social welfare works, ecological, cultural, infrastructure and equipment.

It is here where checking is of significantly through the Audit of Public Works, the proper implementation of annual budgets allocated in terms of efficiency, honesty, excellence and economy, and verify compliance with the annual programs of public works, processes to be carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in each case, finding that the public work is performed in adherence to quality, time, cost and efficiency required.

Before this recent verification scheme, García Zárate Peace & Asociados, S. A. C. V., has entered a new phase of growth, with its Audit Division Public Works, with which aims to provide a new framework in the development of these services and Oversight to work, enabling the supervisory bodies have a benchmark of real and reliable support in the process of verification and Public Works Related-Services.

García Zárate Paz & Associates, S. A. C. V. to carry out the above tasks, has qualified personnel, it has the experience, capability and performance in services, committed to their work, acting with ethics, efficiency and timeliness required.