sponsor relevant forums that touch on issues of great importance and relevance. training courses offer accounting, fiscal and administrative. and publications throughout the year that shows the most important trends of the business environment.

Based on the constant changes in taxation requires increasingly specialized professionals in the field, with training and knowledge up to date, and with the vast experience that allows us to provide security and tranquility which means fast and timely compliance their tax obligations.

Together with our customers designing strategies with methodologies based on good business and financial practices, focused on optimizing the tax burden, resulting in the accurate and timely tax calculation, a large proportion reducing the margin of error in its determination.

It is with the talent and training of our consultants we provide the opportunity to take and use subsidies and tax benefits, taking payments in installments at critical times for his business, the waiver of penalties, bringing the means of defense against of the provisions and the actions of the authorities when they cause injury to their businesses.

It is with all this and more, the office and Associates Paz García Zárate makes the difference. ∫